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Remove the barriers impeding Black college students from holistic well-being, academic success, and social flourishing.


A generation of dynamic, spiritually grounded, socially-conscious, compassionate black leaders who lead the charge of innovation, restoration, and societal change in America and in the world.

Our Values

Cultural Competency

We do not shy away from engaging with culture so that students develop the critical consciousness needed to succeed academically, make restorative societal contributions, and create more meaning for themselves and in the world.


Our organizational decisions, resources, advocacy, and initiatives are informed by a fierce commitment to develop, cultivate, and foster an inclusive spirit of community that consists of social equality, solidarity, grace, and togetherness.  


We believe love is justice, and justice is love.  A bold and unashamed commitment to these ideals motivates us to celebrate the humanity of all people, resist hate, and choose courage over fear in our work, communication, and programming.


We are committed to the kind of excellence, hospitality, and kindness in our programming and praxis that creates space and holds space for those with marginalized experiences or identities.

Our History and Legacy

Our story traces back to 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia, where a group of determined Black college student leaders from across the U.S. came together under the guidance of their campus minister, Tamice Spencer-Helms. They spent time sharing personal narratives, discussing the unique difficulties they faced as Black students on predominantly white campuses and at HBCUs, with limited resources available to them.

A year later, the stark reality of their experiences echoed loud and clear. Several students were forced to leave campus over what might seem like minor crises. These ranged from the inability to afford car repairs or decent meal plans to losing scholarships due to circumstances that temporarily affected their emotional well-being. Some couldn't afford to travel home for family emergencies due to costly flights, while others found their academic progress hindered due to the inability to replace broken essential equipment, like a laptop. 

Motivated by these pivotal conversations and real-life crises, Tamice Spencer-Helms was inspired to take action. She saw an urgent need to challenge these systemic barriers and committed to providing Black college students with the social and financial capital, professional guidance, and sense of belonging essential for their collegiate success. This passion led to the establishment of Sub:Culture Incorporated in 2018, an organization dedicated to empowering Black college students and aiding their journey towards academic success and social flourishing.


Our Founder

Tamice Spencer-Helms

Tamice Spencer-Helms, the founder and CEO, is a visionary leader committed to serving young adults. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006, she has dedicated her career to connecting with Black college students through culturally relevant programs. Together with other innovators, she co-founded the Atlanta-based Kingdom Collaborative, bringing together HBCU campus practitioners and establishing six student-led chapters.

In her role as the Senior Director of Student Leadership & Engagement at Virginia Union University, Tamice taught religious studies and was instrumental in creating the Panther Food Pantry. At MENTOR Virginia, she wears the hat of Learning Facilitator and Curriculum Developer. There, she is pivotal in training youth mentors on diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. Additionally, she serves as the lead trainer for Relationship Centered Schools initiatives in Newport News Public Schools and spearheaded workplace development training with the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV).

Armed with a dual -major Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Copywriting, as well as two Master's degrees in Contextual Leadership and Theology, Tamice is in pursuit of her doctoral degree in Ethics & Social Transformation at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.


Her passion and commitment found a focused channel in her non-profit, Sub:Culture Incorporated, an organization that fervently supports Black college students and others with marginalized identities.

In her leisure, Tamice facilitates discussions on topics as diverse as ethics, theology, and hip-hop culture. She enjoys reading, writing, watching documentaries, singing alongside her daughter, and savoring her partner's homemade pizza.

In 2023, she authored her debut book, "Faith Unleavened: The Wilderness Between Trayvon Martin & George Floyd," marking another significant stride in her influential journey.

Meet The BOARD

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