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Holistic Well-being Pathways

Our goal is to foster holistic well-being and alleviate financial and social insecurities among Black college students.


HBCU Food Pantry Program

The HBCU Food Pantry Program aims to combat food insecurity among students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We're also a fiscal sponsor for the JCS Project and the National HBCU Food Pantry program, demonstrating our continued dedication to BIPOC and marginalized students, as exemplified by our construction of the VUU Panther Pantry. These pantries, supported by community donations and local businesses, not only ensure students have access to sustenance for academic excellence but also provide educational materials on nutrition and food preparation. Through this initiative, we offer a safety net for students uncertain about their next meal or facing financial challenges.

our current Pantry Partners


Student Transition & Crisis Relief 

Our Student Transition & Relief Fund supports students of color confronting financial hardships that could undermine their academic success and holistic well-being. We partner with universities and organizations to identify deserving beneficiaries.


The rising costs of education mean that even students who study full-time and work part-time often struggle to meet their expenses. Our aim at Sub:Culture is to bridge this gap, assisting students with unexpected expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, and the cost of living essentials.


Donors contribute a minimum of $500, which is the average cost of one credit hour. Scholarships are awarded to eligible students identified in collaboration with the university or ministry. Prospective beneficiaries are required to complete a comprehensive application, with a reference from a trusted source who can validate their needs. Funds are distributed either directly to the entity owed or as gift cards for local groceries, auto repair services, or airlines, based on availability.

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