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Our annual sponsorship options offer unique perks and creative names that reflect the impact and support provided to black college students. Sponsors can choose a level that aligns with their desired contribution and receive meaningful recognition and engagement opportunities as a result.


Equity Ally | $500-$2999

Gifts in this range provide Black students with essential resources such as textbooks, study materials, and supplies for a semester. It ensures they have the necessary tools to excel academically without the financial burden of purchasing these materials.

Opportunity Advocate | $3000-$6999

Gifts in this range provide financial support for housing stability and food insecurity. It could assist Black students in covering rental deposits, housing expenses, or emergency housing grants to ensure they have a safe and stable living environment while pursuing their education. 

Equity Champion | $7,000-$14,999

Gifts in this range support transportation needs for a black student. It could provide funds for an auto repair, public transportation passes, and gas cards to ensure reliable transportation for commuting to campus, attending classes, and participating in extracurricular activities.

Barrier Buster | $15000-$19,999

Gifts in this range contribute to technology and internet access for black students It could provide a laptop, or tablet, or cover the costs of internet connectivity to enable access to online learning resources, research materials, and virtual classrooms.

Empowerment Endowment | $20,000 and above

Gifts in this range support mentorship, identity development, and career development opportunities for Black students helping cover expenses for the Sub:Culture Fellows program and Homegoing Trips.

Strategic Partnership

Together, we are forging a brighter future, one where education and equity intersect, nurturing a generation of leaders who will shape a more just and inclusive world. To our sponsors, thank you for inspiring us all with your audacious dedication and for championing the cause of educational equality.


Campus Pride

We're thrilled to partner with Campus Pride, a national organization committed to fostering safer and more inclusive LGBTQ-friendly colleges. Campus Pride develops, supports, and amplifies the voices of future LGBTQ and ally student leaders.

The Dignity Effect

Our partnership with The Dignity Effect, founded by Nya Abernathy, enables us to leverage her expertise in teaching social-emotional well-being. Emphasizing the inherent worth of each individual, Nya provides transformative guidance on various topics, from mental health to social justice. The Dignity Effect aims to foster self-connection and readiness for the next step.

Brandon Mack

A seasoned professional in college admissions and entrepreneur, collaborates with us. With 13 years of experience in college admissions, international recruitment, and community outreach, he offers valuable insights. Now heading B. Mack Strategies, Mack provides consultancy in college admissions, diversity, equity, inclusion, politics, and dialogue facilitation.

Resist Booksellers

We partner with Resist Booksellers, an activist-focused bookstore co-founded by Demetrius Frazier, a literacy enthusiast, and Black Men Read's Board President. Frazier's passion for literacy stems from his belief in its power to drive societal evolution. He manages the bookstore while also serving as the Chief Learning Officer of a multibillion-dollar manufacturing company.

Distinguished Partnership


Townebank Foundation

Established in 2001, the TowneBank Foundation supports over 200 non-profits with grants and donations, enhancing lives through service. They've become our main sponsor for the Sub:Culture Fellows program, generously funding opportunities and resources for talented individuals from marginalized communities. Together, we're building a diverse, inclusive Sub:Culture Fellows community, empowering them to excel and effect meaningful change in their fields.

Esteemed Sponsors

The Scott Family

The Sieb Family
Washington, D.C

The Hawes Family

The Camp Family

K. Togashi

C. David

The Tong Family

The New Evangelicals
New Jersey

The Hsu Family

N. Kole
Rhode Island

The McDaniel Family

The Sweeney Family

B. Paine

T. Mason

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