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Sub:Culture Fellows provides mentorship and networking opportunities, which are critical for students of color who may not see individuals in their field who look like them. The one-on-one mentorship helps students navigate the challenges of higher education, identify resources and opportunities, and build meaningful connections with professionals in their field.


Each mentor is provided with up-to-date, evidence-based, trauma-informed mentor training. Mentors commit to mentoring a student for a minimum of one year incorporating check-ins that total at least 10 hours per semester.



torie s.jpeg
Torie Weiston-serdan
critical mentoring

Imagine not having someone who can support you to make sense of life as you work to mature and develop and ultimately become a contributing member of our society.

shawn g.jpeg
shawn ginwright
the four pivots

A healing-centered approach to mentoring views trauma not simply as an individual isolated experience, but rather highlights the ways in which trauma and healing are experienced collectively.

Dr. Rolanda L. Ward
Niagara Falls Health
Equity Task Force

We elevate Black voice in mentoring when we ask one question, “Who is missing from the table.”

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