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We would love to work alongside you as you seek to reach Black college students.

HBCU Social and Spheres & How to Engage Them

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are renowned for nurturing Black excellence and leadership. The "HBCU Social Spheres" workshop offers an immersive experience for practitioners interested in understanding and fostering emerging leaders within HBCUs. Participants will explore the unique social dynamics of these institutions, gaining profound insights into the inherent leadership qualities.

Duration: 2 hours
price: $75 per person

clearing the path seminar

Transitioning to college brings unique experiences and challenges, especially for students of color, who face intersections of racial identity, societal expectations, and institutional hurdles. 'Clearing the Path' is a seminar focused on vital areas to help these students thrive in college, including an exploration of the complex journey of racial identity development.

Duration: 2 hours
price: $125 per person

Doing the Work: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion on Campus

As global focus shifts to racial inequity, campuses are leading transformative change. The workshop "Doing the Work" is designed for educators and staff committed to true diversity and inclusion. This intensive exploration of topics like white saviorism and effective racial dialogue aims to reshape attitudes, provide practical tools, and revolutionize how campuses tackle systemic racial issues.

Duration: 2 hours
price: $125 per person
Start Date: ongoing, BI-MONTHLY

We Have Been Believers

In the Antebellum South, enslaved Africans forged a resilient spirit of faith, creating secret gatherings that marked a crucial moment in American history. Known as the 'Invisible Institution,' this became the foundation for later Black freedom movements. To commemorate Black History Month, 'We Have Been Believers' is a 5-week cohort delving into these assemblies, exploring their influence on Black liberation and empowerment.

Duration: 5 Weeks
price: $235 per person
Start Date: january 31, 2024

After Whiteness Cohort

In a world affected by white supremacy, individuals often struggle with understanding their heritage beyond 'whiteness.' The 'After Whiteness Cohort' invites participants on a transformative journey of self-recovery. Through immersive curriculum and a guided European journey by Alyssa Anne Travel, they'll rediscover aspects of their identity, rooting themselves in a legacy that contributes to the collective well-being of all, particularly people of color. 

Duration: 6 months
price: $750 per person
Start Date: march 6, 2024

A Different Kind of Communion

A 13-week curriculum designed to help ministry and faith-based organizations develop the framework needed for authentic and effective engagement amongst Black College Students. Each unit consists of time in scripture, prayer, reflection, and practical action designed to develop a paradigm of ministry that creates a hospitable environment for Black College Students to thrive and flourish.

Duration: 13 Weeks
price: $300 per person
Start Date: April 3, 2024


An anti-racism discipleship curriculum for white Christians invites participants to deeply explore their faith and confront the urgent call to dismantle systemic racism. Through a comprehensive curriculum that combines spiritual growth, theological reflection, and practical application, participants are guided toward a deeper understanding of the racial injustices that persist within our communities.

Duration: 8 Weeks
price: $229 per person
Start Date: June 12, 2024
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