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Academic Support Pathway

Our goal is to boost academic success and preparedness among Black college students by providing professional guidance.


Sub:Culture Fellows

The program is designed to support college students of color by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development and a robust web of support for the first few years in college. The program consists of weekly cohort gatherings, weekly leadership, and professional development opportunities, college success seminars, monthly living expense stipends, textbook scholarships, augmented financial aid, and a personal mentor for the entirety of the program.

Program Details


Fellows will be matched with a personal mentor and will meet with the same mentor for the entirety of the program.


Fellows engage, network, and support each other through weekly virtual cohort gatherings, orientation and debriefing, and college success seminars with the same cohort for the entire program.


Fellows are automatically enrolled in leadership and professional development opportunities for undergraduate students of color that transform them into strategic thinkers in their career paths. 


Fellows partake in assessments for personal growth and identity development, with the chance to discuss results with industry professionals. They also receive priority application status for our Homegoing Trip to Africa should they be interested in participating.


Fellows get monthly stipends, scholarships for textbooks and tech, and extra financial aid for academic and living expenses. They also undertake obligatory financial literacy courses.


  • Applicants must possess a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

  • Applicants should be on track to graduate from their current academic program.

  • Applicants must provide a reference from a non-family member who can vouch for their qualifications.

College Prep & Admission Workshops

A series of four virtual workshops and two writing clinics that are designed to help students explore various aspects of college preparation, including selecting the right college, financial aid options, and the college application process. Our experienced facilitators will provide valuable insights and guidance to help students make informed decisions and succeed in their college pursuits. As an added incentive, if a student completes all four workshops and both writing clinics, they will have up to three of their college application fees paid for by Sub:Culture Incorporated.

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Black Student Survival Guide Series

Free monthly seminars, podcasts, and on-the-spot interviews created by students for students. Episodes include topics such as study skills, time management, relationships, securing internships and scholarships, resume building, financial planning, sexual health, self-defense, the principles of social and emotional well-being, and more.

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