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Academic Support Pathway

Our goal is to boost academic success and preparedness among Black college students by providing professional guidance.


Sub:Culture Fellows

The Sub:Culture Fellows Program not only supports immediate financial and academic needs but also fosters long-term stability, resilience, and leadership among its fellows. By integrating financial assistance with professional development and emotional intelligence training, we prepare our fellows to thrive in diverse environments and make impactful contributions to society. This holistic approach ensures that our fellows are not only succeeding today but are also empowered to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Program Details


Fellows will be matched with a personal mentor and will meet with the same mentor for the entirety of the program.

Curricular Focus on Soulful Leadership: 

Addresses the holistic development of each fellow, by focusing on helping them build internal capacity, interpersonal resonance, and a sense of identity that is integrated. 


Builds competencies that are essential in navigating complex challenges both in the workplace and personal life.


Held in January, this retreat focuses on personal reflection and spiritual growth, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Cultural and Community Engagement

Fellows partake in assessments for personal growth and identity development, with the chance to discuss results with industry professionals. Our focus on integrated and intersectional identity enhances cultural pride and identity through tailored retreats and real-world experience.


Provides stability and peace of mind, allowing fellows to focus on their studies and personal development in the program without the stress of financial burdens.

Empower First Program: 

An eight-week internship experience in Chicago starting June 3-July 26, providing paid practical work experience and professional networking opportunities in a real-world setting.

Held in January, this retreat focuses on personal reflection and spiritual growth, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

College Prep & Admission Workshops

Sub:Culture Inc. collaborates closely with Adams Admissions Consulting's First Acceptance program to provide a transformative support system for BIPOC, first-generation, and lower-income high school students on their path to college. This partnership is dedicated to more than just securing college admissions; it focuses on equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to not only enter college but to excel and persist in their higher education journey. By joining forces with college access organizations we ar committing to the process of getting black students who want to attend college to and through that expereince.

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Black Student Survival Guide Series

Free monthly seminars, podcasts, and on-the-spot interviews created by students for students. Episodes include topics such as study skills, time management, relationships, securing internships and scholarships, resume building, financial planning, sexual health, self-defense, the principles of social and emotional well-being, and more.

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