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Student Crisis Relief


Our Student Transition & Relief Fund is designed to augment financial capacity and provides scholarships to students of color who face challenges that threaten holistic well-being, academic success, or social and spiritual flourishing. We work hand in hand with universities and organizations to identify eligible staff and students. 

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Sub:Culture’s relief fund has been there for my students in crises. Not only have they received financial support, they’ve also gotten relief and reprieve from some of the many structural stressors that make being Black in college particularly challenging.

—  Solome, Campus Minister & Research Assisstant, University of Michigan

Studies show that working-class students face an average net price—the amount of money needed to pay for college after grants and scholarship aid—of over $10,000 at a four-year public college. Students that attend school full time and work 20 hours per week will still only make about $7,000 per year. Our desire at Sub:Culture is to subsidize the cost and fill up what is lacking by providing for unexpected practical situations that arise for these students like financial aid balances, car trouble, medical bills, family emergencies, groceries, room and board, meal plans, class materials, etc. 


Success Advocates get involved by donating a minimum of $500 (the average cost of one credit hour). Scholarships are granted to students selected in partnership with the university or ministry. To receive aid from our Student Transition & Relief fund, students are required to fill out a detailed application with a reference from a minister, counselor, or school administrator who is aware of the need and can corroborate the story.


Funding is distributed (upon availability) directly to the entity that is owed, or in the form of gift cards to locally partnering grocery stores, auto mechanics, or airlines. 

Yearly Cost
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