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Our annual sponsorship options offer unique perks and creative names that reflect the impact and support provided to black college students. Sponsors can choose a level that aligns with their desired contribution and receive meaningful recognition and engagement opportunities as a result.

Equity Ally:
Donation Range: $500-$2999
  • Personalized digital thank-you certificate.
  • Recognition as an Equity Ally on the nonprofit's website and social media platforms.
  • Exclusive updates on the impact of your donation.
Opportunity Advocate:
Donation Range: $3000-$6999
  • All Equity Ally perks.
  • Name/logo inclusion in the nonprofit's annual report as an Opportunity Advocate.
  • Invitation to a virtual panel discussion with Board of Directors
Equity Champion:
Donation Range: $7,000-$14,999
  • All Barrier Buster perks.
  • Prominent logo placement on the nonprofit's website and event materials as an Equity Champion.
  • VIP access to an annual recognition event honoring scholarship recipients.
Barrier Buster:
Donation Range: $15000-$19,999

  • All Opportunity Advocate perks.
  • Special acknowledgment in the nonprofit's newsletter and press releases as a Barrier Buster.
  • Exclusive virtual meet-and-greet with scholarship recipients.

Empowerment Endowment:
Donation Range: $20,000 and above

  • All Barrier Buster perks.

  • Exclusive naming opportunity for a scholarship, program, or initiative as an Empowerment Endowment Sponsor.

  • Dedicated feature article in the nonprofit's newsletter or blog, highlighting your visionary commitment to equity in education.

Equity Ally |  $500-$2999

Gifts in this range provide Black students with essential resources such as textbooks, study materials, and supplies for a semester. It ensures they have the necessary tools to excel academically without the financial burden of purchasing these materials.

Opportunity Advocate | $3000-$6999

Gifts in this range provide financial support for housing stability and food insecurity. It could assist Black students in covering rental deposits, housing expenses, or emergency housing grants to ensure they have a safe and stable living environment while pursuing their education. Gifts in this range also help alleviate food insecurity by providing meal assistance for Black students. It covers meal plans grocery gift cards, or support the establishment of a campus food pantry to ensure they have access to nutritious meals throughout the semester.

Equity Champion | $7,000-$14,999

Gifts in this range support transportation needs for a black student. It could provide funds for an auto repair, public transportation passes, and gas cards to ensure reliable transportation for commuting to campus, attending classes, and participating in extracurricular activities.

Barrier Buster | $15000-$19,999

Gifts in this range contribute to technology and internet access for black students  It could provide a laptop, or tablet, or cover the costs of internet connectivity to enable access to online learning resources, research materials, and virtual classrooms.

Empowerment Endowment | $20,000 and above


Gifts in this range support mentorship, identity development, and career development opportunities for Black students helping cover expenses for the Sub:Culture Fellows program and Homegoing Trips.

Annual Giving Tiers

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