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A Different Kind of Communion
  • A Different Kind of Communion


    Compared to their white (cultural majority) counterparts, Black College Students face distinct challenges to discipleship and college graduation. The Institutions that exist today to help them grow in their faith are often unaware and/or ill-equipped to address—the unique social, spiritual, cultural, and economic roadblocks they face, especially while in the university context. But, these roadblocks don’t have to be dead ends. Sub:Culture Inc. exists to clear the path for these students so they can develop into a generation of dynamic and spiritually grounded Black leaders. Leaders who will lead the charge of restoration and societal change in America. For organizations that want students of color on college campuses to experience a vibrant, robust faith through graduation and beyond, Sub:Culture Inc. is the only campus-centric ministry that helps ministry leaders understand what the distinct barriers are and provides a path to removing them. A Different Kind of Communion is a 13-week curriculum designed to help ministry leaders develop the framework needed for authentic and effective engagement amongst Black College Students. Each unit consists of time in scripture, prayer, reflection, and practical action designed to develop a paradigm of ministry that creates a hospitable environment for Black College Students to thrive and flourish.

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