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We Have Been Believers

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Amidst the heavy chains of enslavement, a resilient spirit of faith took root in the Antebellum South. Enslaved Africans, in the face of unimaginable adversity, began to congregate secretly, weaving together a rich tapestry of worship that would leave an indelible mark on American history. Referred to as the "Invisible Institution" by historians, this precursor to the Black Church became the spiritual foundation for subsequent Black freedom movements. In commemoration of Black History Month, "We Have Been Believers" is a 5-week cohort journeying deep into the heart of these clandestine assemblies. Participants will unearth the evolving theology amidst oppression, exploring how such gatherings laid the bedrock for the Black liberation and empowerment movements that followed. Key Takeaways: - The Birth of the Invisible Institution: Explore the initial clandestine gatherings, understanding their significance and necessity in the backdrop of the Antebellum South. - Theology Amidst Oppression: Delve into the spiritual narratives and theological threads that took shape during these secret meetings, forming the spiritual core of a people. - From Worship to Movement: Understand how the fervor and spirit of these hidden assemblies catalyzed the numerous Black freedom movements throughout history. - Legacy of Black Faith in America: Trace how the tenets and spirit of the Black Church continue to influence modern Black movements, culture, and worldview. - Celebrating Black Faith: Engage in immersive experiences that celebrate the rich history, music, and traditions birthed from this resilient faith journey. Target Audience: - Students keen to explore the profound intersections of faith, Black history, and social movements. - Individuals wanting a deep dive into the influential legacy that shapes the worldview of Black students today. - Educators, historians, theologians, and anyone passionate about celebrating Black History Month with purpose and depth. Cohort Highlights: -Interactive Sessions: Engage in thought-provoking discussions, multimedia presentations, and reflective exercises. -Guest Speakers: Listen to scholars, theologians, and historians who provide firsthand accounts and insights into the Black Church and its indomitable spirit. -Curated Resources: Participants will leave with a rich collection of readings, music, and documentaries to continue their exploration.

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8005 Creighton Pkwy, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, USA

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