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After Whiteness Cohort

An Anti-Racism Discipleship Curriculum For White Christians

  • Started May 12
  • 750 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

In an era where the call to confront and rectify racial injustice is louder than ever, white Christians find themselves at a crossroads. "More Than A Moment" is an 8-week cohort curriculum, specifically designed for white Christians, aiming to unite discipleship with the critical call to anti-racism. This program delves into the intersections of faith, theology, and racial justice, guiding participants towards both spiritual enlightenment and practical engagement. Key Takeaways: - Foundations of Faith and Justice: Explore the biblical and theological tenets that call Christians to be stalwart advocates for justice, equity, and love. - Unraveling the Threads of Systemic Racism: Dive into the complex tapestry of racial injustice that persists in our society, understanding its historical roots and contemporary manifestations. - Reflective Introspection: Undertake a personal journey of self-awareness, uncovering implicit biases, privileges, and the ways white Christians can inadvertently perpetuate racial disparities. - Practical Steps Forward: Arm yourself with actionable strategies, from community engagement to advocacy, to actively combat systemic racism within one's sphere of influence. - Spiritual Growth and Community Building: Engage in group prayer, reflection, and discussions, fostering a community of white Christians dedicated to lasting change. Target Audience: - White Christians seeking a deeper understanding of their role in racial justice. - Church leaders and community group facilitators. - Theological students and educators aiming to incorporate anti-racism into their teachings. - Any individual eager to merge their Christian faith with active anti-racism efforts. Curriculum Highlights: - Expertly Curated Content: Every unit is meticulously designed to blend theology, history, and contemporary social issues, creating a holistic learning experience. - Interactive Engagement: Participants will be involved in thought-provoking discussions, scripture analysis, case studies, and reflection exercises. - Resource Toolkit: A compilation of reading materials, scripture references, community outreach suggestions, and more, will be made available for deeper exploration.

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8005 Creighton Pkwy, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, USA

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