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About the Founder & CEO


Tamice Spencer-Helms graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006. She has since been in the non-profit sector, serving thousands of young adults and college students. 


Tamice is a thought-leader in culturally relevant and critically conscious campus engagement among Black College students. She co-founded an Atlanta-based collective of likeminded HBCU campus practitioners called the Kingdom Collaborative and planted six student-led chapters on HBCU campuses in the southeast. She has also served as Senior Director of Student Leadership & Engagement at Virginia Union University, where she also taught courses in religious studies. Currently, she trains youth mentors in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


In addition to her Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Copywriting, Tamice has a Masters of Arts in Contextual Leadership and a Masters of Arts in Theology. 


Tamice has effectively turned her years of service, love for education, and university campus experience and leadership into a non-profit organization of her own design. Sub:Culture Incorporated is a nonprofit that provides holistic support and crisis relief for Black College students and others navigating the university campus with marginalized identities. 

In her free time Tamice enjoys discussing hip-hop, reading, writing, watching documentaries, singing with her daughter, and eating her partner's homemade pizza. She is set to release her first book in 2023.

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Our Mission

Remove the barriers impeding Black College Students from holistic well-being, academic success, and social flourishing.

Our Vision

A generation of dynamic, spiritually grounded, socially-conscious, compassionate black leaders who lead the charge of innovation, restoration, and societal change in America and in the world.


Our Values


We do not shy away from engaging with culture so that students develop the critical consciousness needed to succeed academically, make restorative societal contributions, and create more meaning for themselves and in the world.


We believe love is justice, and justice is love.  A bold and unashamed commitment to these ideals motivates us to celebrate the humanity of all people, resist hate, and choose courage over fear in our work, communication, and programming.


Our organizational decisions, resources, advocacy, and initiatives are informed by a fierce commitment to develop, cultivate, and foster an inclusive spirit of community that consists of social equality, solidarity, grace, and togetherness.  


We are committed to the kind of excellence, hospitality, and kindness in our programming and praxis that creates space and holds space for those with marginalized experiences or identities.



  • Educational Guides & Curriculum
  • Financial Resourcing
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Staff & Leadership Training
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Campus/ Young Adult Strategy & Consultation

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